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BBE Supa-Charger Guitar Pedal Power Supply


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Power up with this Universal Power supply. The Supa-Charger is a high-performance universal pedal power supply that features a custom-wound zero hum torroidal transformer. eight outputs that are isolated, regulated and filtered and a selectable input mains switch to accommodate 110-220 voltages, enabling the Supa-Charger to be used worldwide.Features:8-2.1mm (Boss-type) black cables2-2.5mm red cables reversed polarity (Line 6 type)Supports 9, 12 and 16 voltage Outputs: Six 9VDC 100mA regulated: (1-4 & 7-8)Two 9VDC 200mA regulated: (5-6)Input: 120v-240v 50/60Hz. Fuse protected