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Fender Squire Contemporary Telecaster® HH Maple Fingerboard, Pearl White


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The Squier® Contemporary Telecaster® HH is an outstanding choice for the modern player seeking progressive features in a guitar that that has authentic vibe and style.

Player-friendly features like a slim “C”-shaped maple neck give this guitar a slick, smooth feel, while the 12” fingerboard radius and narrow-tall frets are ideal for speed and effortless bends. The dual ceramic humbucking pickups boast hot output for powerful tones perfect for crunchy rhythms and soaring solos. Premium styling cues include chrome pickup covers and an eye-catching matching painted headstock to make this guitar stand out from any crowd.

With its combination of timeless Tele style, player-centric features and incredible tone, the Contemporary Telecaster HH is the perfect hard-rocking addition to your arsenal.


  • Dual chrome-covered ceramic humbucking pickups
  • Maple neck with slim "C"-shaped profile and matching painted headstock
  • 12" fingerboard radius; narrow-tall frets
  • 6-saddle Telecaster bridge with block saddles

Chrome-Covered Ceramic Humbucking Pickups
Chrome-Covered Ceramic Humbucking Pickups
Six-Saddle Telecaster Bridge with Block Saddles
Six-Saddle Telecaster Bridge with Block Saddles
Matching Painted Headstock
Matching Painted Headstock
For fat, high output rock tone with
excellent clarity and punchy low-end,
this instrument features ceramic
humbucking pickups in both the bridge
and neck positions.
This instrument features a six-saddle
Telecaster bridge with block saddles for
superior intonation, sustain and ease of
In addition to its many other fine features,
this Telecaster features an elegant matching
painted headstock.
Narrow-Tall Frets
Narrow-Tall Frets
Slim "C"-Shaped
Neck Profile
12" Fingerboard Radius
The largest of the fret sizes, narrow-tall
frets are tall and narrow, letting you get
a better grip on the strings for more contro
l and easier bends and vibrato.
This instrument features a modern neck
designed for comfort and performance,
with a slim "C"-shaped profile (the shape
of the neck in cross section) and a smooth
back finish – ideal for those who play with
the thumb on the back or side of the neck.
This instrument features a 12” fingerboard
radius—a very slight curvature that’s flatter
than a vintage-style 7.25” radius and even
a modern 9.5” radius. This fingerboard radius
allows for low action and is especially well
suited to bending notes and soloing.