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Fender Newporter Player Rustic Copper


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Fender Newporter Player, Walnut Fingerboard, Rustic Copper  

Play Something Different

Follow your musical vision and express yourself with the unique Newporter Player. The exclusive medium-sized Newporter shape gives it a balanced voice that’s both articulate and powerful, perfect for backing up any singer. Designed for performing, the fully-painted gloss metallic solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, matching painted 6-in-line headstock and crème binding give this guitar a shot of electrifying style. Unconventional to the core, the Newporter Player is definitely something different and exciting.

The same no-compromise attitude that gives the Newporter Player its uniquely killer vibe extends to every aspect of its construction. It features optimized bracing for reduced mass and superior resonance, a Graph Tech® NuBone® nut and saddle for greater sustain and a Fishman® preamp system that makes it easy to plug in without sacrificing the guitar's natural sound. Its lightweight mahogany neck features a comfortable, easy-to-play, slim-taper "C"-shaped profile suitable for any playing style, and its walnut fingerboard and bridge further augment this instrument's vibrant tone. With its superb playability, distinctive looks and unmistakable Fender vibe, the Newporter Player is an instrument that proudly defies acoustic instrument tradition.


  • Fender-exclusive Newporter body shape
  • Fishman pickup/preamp system
  • Painted solid spruce top; painted mahogany back and sides
  • Mahogany neck with slim-taper "C"-shaped profile; walnut fingerboard and bridge
  • Matching painted 6-in-line headstock

Unique Fender Body Shape
Unique Fender Body Shape
Solid Spruce Top
Solid Spruce Top
Fishman Preamp and Tuner
Fishman Preamp and Tuner
This guitar's unique body shape is a Fender
exclusive which was first introduced in 1968
and offers a vintage-inspired look with modern
tonal characteristics.
The soundboard provides the most important
tonal element of an acoustic guitar. Spruce is
the standard choice, as few woods can beat
its strength, sound, and dynamic range. Solid
spruce tops are known for opening up and
sounding better over time.
A Fishman CD-1 pickup/preamp system
includes a variety of onboard controls for
amplifying your acoustic instrument without
compromising its pure, rich, and resonant
tone. It also features a convenient built-in tuner.
6-in-line Headstock
6-in-line Headstock
Slim-Taper "C"-Shaped
Mahogany Neck
Walnut Fingerboard and Bridge
Walnut Fingerboard and Bridge
The Strat-style 6-in-line headstock
imparts Fender’s rock-and-roll attitude
into this acoustic-electric instrument.
The supremely comfortable slim-taper
"C"-shaped mahogany neck will feel
familiar to electric players and is also
suited to acoustic players looking for
a slimmer neck.
With its pleasingly dark look, smooth
feel and vibrant tone, walnut is an
excellent tonewood for crafting quality
acoustic instrument bridges and fingerboards.