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Fender Squire Contemporary Jazz Bass®, Laurel Fingerboard, Ocean Blue Metallic


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Fender Squire Contemporary Jazz Bass®, Laurel Fingerboard, Ocean Blue Metallic

Adding a shot of modern playability and tone to a beloved classic, the Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass combines exciting new features with classic style for a beast of a bass that’s ready to rule the stage. Eye-catching appointments like a matching painted headstock for a cohesive aesthetic and brilliant chrome hardware are sure to command attention.

Player-centric specifications include a slim and fast "C"-shaped neck profile with a 12" fingerboard radius ideal for speed-demon bass runs, while a modern bridge provides titanic rumble with optimal stability. Featuring two Squier ceramic single-coil pickups with a standard Jazz Bass control layout, the Contemporary Jazz Bass is primed to revolutionize.


  • Dual Squier ceramic single-coil pickups with standard Jazz Bass controls
  • Slim “C”-shaped neck
  • 12”-radius fingerboard
  • Chrome hardware
  • Parchment pickguard
  • Matching painted headstock

Ceramic Single-Coil Pickups
Ceramic Single-Coil Pickups
Modern Bridge
Modern Bridge
Matching Headstock
Matching Headstock
Ceramic single-coil pickups crank
out modern, high-output tone with
punchy lows and clear highs.
The modern bridge provides optimal
resonance, which translates into bigger
tone, while being easy to restring.
Visually alluring, a matching headstock
is a unique stylistic touch.
12”-Radius Fingerboard
12”-Radius Fingerboard
Slim “C”-Shaped Neck Profile
Slim “C”-Shaped
Neck Profile
Chrome Hardware
Chrome Hardware
A modern 12” fingerboard radius
offers low, fast action with slim feel.
This instrument offers a slim “C”-
shaped neck profile for easy playability.
Durable, resilient and bright, chrome
hardware is aesthetically impressive.