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Zildjian 14" A Zildjian/K Zildjian 3-Hat Pack


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Zildjian 14" A Zildjian/ K Zildjian 3-Hat Pack

The Avedis Zildjian Company has launched two new HiHat boxsets featuring cymbals from the Company's most popular A and K cymbal lines. Recognizing that HiHats are some of the most played cymbals on a drum set, the new "3 Hat Packs" are designed to give drummers a greater range of sonic options. Designed to promote mixing and matching of HiHat pairs, these two new "3 Hat Packs" ultimately deliver new sounds and "feels" for drummers.

The 14" "3 Hat Pack" features the legendary A Zildjian New Beat Hi-Hat Pair. In this standard pairing, a medium weight top cymbal on top of a heavy weight bottom cymbal provides a powerful balance of bright overtones. The addition of a 14" K Custom Dark Top Hi-Hat cymbal to the "3 Hat Pack" offers the darker K Zildjian colors.