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Drumset Reading


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Drumset Reading
A Practical Method to Develop the Skills Necessary for Reading with Big Bands and Combos

By Ron Fink Drumset Book Item: 00-124

The purpose of this book is to concentrate on two important areas of jazz drumming: Reading and Interpretation. The book suggests ideas for fill-ins and related techniques, but is mainly made up of reading examples, such as a drummer would encounter on a job with a band or combo where reading is required. This material is designed for improvisation and for the development of the following objectives:
* To play steady time.
* To play relaxed at all tempos.
* To play with a swinging concept ("feel").
* To play with good taste when improvising.
* To play and develop greater independence and coordination.
* To develop the art of reading syncopated patterns, thus supplementing snare drum foundation books.

Author: Ron Fink
Instrument: Drumset
Format: Book
Page Count: 80
Item Number: 00-124
ISBN 10: 0-7390-1798-5
ISBN 13: 978-0-7390-1798-2
UPC: 038081010342