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Whirlwind DCT-9 Cable Tester (discontinued)

Whirlwind DCT-9 Overview

The DCT-9 Cable Tester from Whirlwind provides a fast and accurate way to automatically test many varieties of cables. The digital test program analyzes cables for correct wiring and displays any faults on the numeric display. A built in test tone oscillator generates 440 Hz and 1 kHz tones for basic signal path tracing.

The DCT-9 Cable Tester works with the following cables: XLR, RCA phono, RJ-45, 1/4" TS, 1/4" TRS, BNC, TT Patch, NL4, and 1/8" TRS.

Hands free automatic testing
Indicates several fault types including shorts, opens and crosswired conductors
Automatic shutoff preserves battery life