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C2G 50213 10ft Select VGA Video Cable M/M - In-Wall CMG-Rated


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C2G 50213 10ft Select VGA Video Cable M/M - In-Wall CMG-Rated

The C2G Select VGA Video Cable is perfect for source to display connectivity for in-home desktop or in-wall commercial applications which require video resolutions of up to QXGA (2048x1536). The CMG rated jacket provides a solution for in-wall applications, while the low-profile, rounded connectors make installing in tight spaces, such as a projector mount pole, easy. This cable is designed to support high resolution video applications over long distances of up to 150ft. All 15 pins are wired providing support for DDC2 (E-DDC) and Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) signals, i.e. communication of the display’s capabilities, ensuring that the content from the source is sent at the optimal resolution for the display.

Product Specifications

Color : Black
Length : 10.00 Foot
Jacket Rating : In Wall
UPC : 757120502135
Warranty : Lifetime
Vendor : C2G
Weight : 0.730 LB

lectrical characteristics

•Maximum resolution supported: 2048x1536
•Nominal impedance: 75±5Ω
•Nominal capacitance: 28pF/m
•Conductor resistance: 30AWG - 376.96Ω/km, 28AWG - 237.25Ω/km
•Insulation resistance: 10MΩ/km at 20°C DC-500V
•Dielectric strength: AC 500V/1 minute
Physical characteristics

•Voltage rating: 30V
•Minimum bend radius: 51mm
Conductors (3 conductors)
•Conductor type: 30AWG (7/0.127)(tinned copper(OFC))
•Insulation: Foam-PE
•Covering: PVC
•Drain wire: 28AWG (7/0.127)(tinned copper)
•Shield: Aluminum foil (100% coverage)
Conductor (9 conductors)
•Conductor type: 28AWG (7/0.127)(tinned copper(OFC))
•Insulation: SR-PVC
Overall cable construction
•Foil shield: Aluminum foil (100% coverage)
•Braided shield: 16/10/0.12 (85% coverage)(tinned copper(OFC))
•Drain wire: 26AWG (7/0.20)(tinned copper)
•Jacket: CMG
•Connector type: HD15 VGA
•Plating: Nickel
•Housing material: Black PBT
•Dimensions (HxWxD): 13.1x31.2x24.0mm