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                The schedule is set for SM Hanson Festival Jam 2023 -
Thursday June 8 - music starts at 5:45pm

5:45   Downtown Funk     This group of musicians are from Salina Central High School under the direction of Guillermo Rodriguez.
They have 10 musicians (all most as many as the Blades). Playing Funk and Pop
- get there early!
6:00   Keep the Change     This band opened the show last year. A project of Steve Hanson – Abilene high school
students of Steve Hanson and Dean Kranzler, this 6pc band will play Rock to start our show.
6:15   Fed Up     4pc band from Salina playing Rock. This band played the Jam in 2015 and 2022.
The Salina based band has been together for 10 years.
6:30   The Radicles     Salina band playing a mix of eclectic rock. 4pc band you will enjoy.  
  Don Wagner     Don and friends have played the Jam previously –
always entertaining with a mix of country, rock, blues, and folk music.
7:00   Jon'Nea Soul     New to the Jam – this Wichita based 4pc band will play R&B and Soul music. There is a local
connection to Salina. We are excited to hear them play at the 37th SM Hanson Festival Jam.
7:15   Ghost Town Revival     1st time at the Jam for this 5pc band. Salina band playing Classic Rock and blues.
Some of these guys have done this before.
7:30   Lix     A band from the past – older now and yet…. This original Salina 3pc band has added a bass player
– so make that 4pc. These guys will play classic rock and blues.
7:45   The Opinions     Forty years ago (so they say) these guys formed their band in Salina. Now – they have real jobs
and live mostly in the Kansas City area. They played last year and we are glad to have them again.
8:00   Soul Preachers     A Salina 3pc band – they have played the Jam previously, but it has been a few years.
They play Roger Miller death shred metal – with Eric Copeland (Corby) on drums.
8:15      Hey Radio     Wichita based band – these guys lit it up in 2019 and 2022. 
We look forward to their mix of Skate Punk and Pop (with a little energy).
8:30   Starslinger     New to the Festival Jam. This 3pc band from Hays America has been playing dates around
the Midwest for 7 years. Get ready for Alternative/Psych/Space Rock – that’s right!
8:45   Dunebuggy      These guys have played before. This Pet Project consists of 5 members playing
together for several years. Their quick set will include Rock & Pop.
9:00   Northcutt     A crowd favorite – 5pc Salina band playing Red-Dirt Country/Rock/Blues.  
9:15   Bootleg Mercy     This 4pc band rocks! One magazine said “Kick-A__-Rock” from Kansas. These guys have multiple
Rock Music award nominations. Revamped lineup since their last Jam in 2016 – something to see!
9:30   SM Hanson Band     The founder – this is their 37th time at the Jam. Always a variety – always great.  
9:45   The Blades     This band has SO MANY great players – it is really hard to count all of the people on stage!
We hope to have enough room on stage.

4 days of Music, Art, Food, Family Fun! June 8-11, 2023

    SM Hanson Music Festival Jam - Thursday June 8
     Opening Night - music begins at 6pm (gates open at 4pm)
4 hours of music – each band plays 12 minutes

Festival Jam submissions are closed!
Please email
for further information about Festival Jam 2024!