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SM Hanson Music Festival Jam 2021 lineup

6:00 Ephemerus

Ephemerus is a 5 piece hard rock band from Salina.

The band was formed in early 2019. 1st time playing SM Festival Jam.


6:15 The Get Downs

The Get Downs are a 6 piece rock/funk band from Salina.
These guys have played in other bands and decided at the beginning of the year to create a new band.
1st time playing SM Festival Jam.


6:30 Don Wagner & Friends

Don Wagner & Friends is a 5 piece band from Salina & Ottawa Co.

They play country/Americana/Bluegrass.

The members have been playing together for years – in various combinations.


6:45 MotorCo

MotorCo is a 4pc band from north central Kansas & Nebraska.

They play alternative indie rock. 1st time playing SM Festival Jam.


7:00 LIX

LIX is a 3 piece classic rock band from Salina.

This band was a local favorite in the 80’s. Back together after a couple of decades!


7:15 Taylor Kline & Co

Taylor Kline & Co is a 4 piece band from Salina.

This band plays rock and has performed at the Jam in the past as Herringbone.


7:30 The Radicles

The Radicles are a 4pc band from Salina. They play rock and originals.

This band has played the SHRF, but this is 1st time at the Jam.


7:45 Steven W Young

Steven W Young brings a 4pc band from Washington State and Salina. Original rock.
Steve Young worked the stage at first (and many following) Jams.
He moved, but kept local connections and recorded during the
Covid Lockdown via long distance with local musician Paul Draper.


8:00 The Box Turtles

The Box Turtles are a 5 piece band from Council Grove & Manhattan.

They play American rock. 1st time playing SM Festival Jam.


8:15 Hey Radio

Hey Radio is a 5 piece band from Wichita. They play punk/pop-punk.

These guys played at the Jam in 2019 and were great – playing songs from the 90’s and 2000’s
catchy throwback style – makes you want to dance.


8:30 Cash Hollistah

Cash Hollistah brings an 8 piece band from Salina & Junction City.

Cash and his crew play hip-hop.

The band has been around in various forms for 15 years and last played the Jam in 2018.


8:45 Paramount

Paramount is a 5 piece band from Salina, Hays, Wichita, & Springfield MO.

Playing 80’s rock – they have been together for 12 years. Always a good crowd pleaser.


9:00 Northcutt

Northcutt is a 5 piece band from Salina. They play country/rock.

The band has been active for 15 years and have played in several

SM Hanson Music Festival Jams over the years. Very popular.


9:15 Soul Preachers

Soul Preachers are a 3 piece band from Salina playing classic rock.

These guys have played many Jams and return as a crowd favorite.


9:30 Steven Hanson & Co

We never know how many people are in the band, always a great assortment of talent and music.


9:45 The Blades

The Blades usually have 7 to 9 pieces on stage. Horns and the rest.

Salina’s own – The Blades close the show