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         4 days of Music, Art, Food, Family Fun! June 9-12, 2022

SM Hanson Music Festival Jam - Thursday June 9
       Opening Night - music begins at 6pm (gates open at 4pm)

4 hours of music – each band plays 12 minutes
– 13,000 estimated attendance in 2019 – we want MORE!


6:00        Keep the Change           This is a Steve Hanson project band – high school students of Steve Hanson and                                                          Dean Kranzler, this 5pc band will play Southern Rock to start our show.                                                                                                            New band – 1st time at the Jam!


6:15        FedUp                              4pc band from Salina playing Rock. This band played the Jam in 2015 – now with                                                          some new faces.


6:30        Kyndred                           This 5pc band from the Hays, America area will light it up with Hard Rock. A few                                                          of the members have played the Jam previously – this is a new band – 1st time.


6:45        The Radicles                    Eclectic Rock from this Salina 4 pc band.


7:00        Don Wagner & Friends    Don and friends have played the Jam previously – always entertaining with a                                                                  mix of country, rock, blues, and folk music.


7:15        The Opinions                   1st time at the Jam for this 4pc band. Salina roots playing Classic Rock and Original Music.                                                           


7:30        The Get Downs               They were HOT last year at their first Jam. This 5pc band from Salina will play                                                                Rock and Blues.


7:45        Lix                                     A band from the past – older now and yet…. This original Salina 3pc band will                                                                play Classic Rock from the 50’s to the 90’s (they are that old).


8:00        Split Decision                  A Salina 5pc band – they have played the Jam previously, but it has been a few                                                             years. Southern Rock and Country is their wheelhouse.


8:15        Hey Radio                        Wichita based band – these guys lit it up in 2019. They were rained out last year                                                           – we look forward to the mix of Skate Punk and Pop.


8:30        Dune Buggy                     These guys have played before. This Pet Project consists of 5 members playing                                                             together for several years. Their quick set will include Rock & Pop.


8:45        Fast Food Junkies          Be ready to be blown away – this will be the fastest 12 minutes of music tonight.                                                           They are from the McPherson area – playing HOT Bluegrass – Guitar, Banjo, and Bass.                                                           Originals and covers. 1st time at the Jam.


9:00        Paramount                        80’s rock from a Salina based 5pc band – been here before – always entertaining


9:15        Northcutt                          They were rained out last year – 5pc Salina band playing Country/Rock/Blues.


9:30        Steve Hanson Band        The founder – this is their 36th time at the Jam. Always a variety – always great.


9:45        The Blades                       They are our closer – this band has SO MANY great players – it is really hard to                                                                    count the people on stage! We know they will close the show properly.